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The Uttar Pradesh State Load Despatch Centre (UP SLDC) is one of the important units of UP Power Transmission Corporation Limited (UPPTCL). UP SLDC is the Apex body to ensure integrated operation of power system in the State of UP in co-ordination with the generating utilities, Distributions licensees, NLRDC and NRPC. UP SLDC, headed by Director, SLDC, carries out the responsibility as conferred by the UPERC and CERC and serves the State by performing the task of monitoring and controlling the State Power system Network under UPPTCL.

The head office of SLDC is set up at 5th, Floor, Shakti Bhawan. There are four (4) Sub-SLDCs (ALDS) which are carrying out data acquisition, data transfer to SLDC and monitoring of system parameters in respect of the area. The key activities of Sub-SLDCs include load management in their respective area, monitoring of radial feeders, reporting system events to SLDC, managing equipment as per directive from SLDC etc.

The key activities of UP SLDC are as follows:

  • Network Management Vis-a-vis Load-flow Management to ensure integrated operation of the power system in the State of UP
  • Real time power scheduling in coordination with generating units, distribution licenses and other central sector units.
  • Operational planning and Monitoring of system parameters such as system voltages, frequency.
  • Handling open-access customer and monitoring trading of power as per schedule & approval.
  • Preparation of weekly UI Bills, monthly energy statements of Generating units and Distribution licenses as per the regulation under Energy Accounting activities
  • Planning and co-ordination with Generation utilities for planned shutdown of generating units for preventive and routine maintenance
  • Ensuring Security of the UP power system under any abnormal events by taking corrective action on real time basis.


¿To achieve highest level of consumer satisfaction and become key driver in the growth of State by providing real time and quality services.


To manage power system and facilitate power transfer in the State on sound economic principles.
  • Discipline and Dedication
  • Operational Excellence
  • Organisational Pride
  • Participative Work Culture
  • Ethically and socially responsive